Cole Brothers Roll of Honour

In Memory of

Barber SH
Battersby Arthur
Bentley Wilfred
Broomhall Frederick
Brougham Alfred
Bunting Frank
Cattel Horace
Charwood Frederick
Coates Herbert RF
Cole KL
Cole Maurice
Copping Victor S
Coultan Albert
Crampton R
Creswick Thomas
Cuckson Edward
Dell Guy F
Dodworth William A
Drury Albert (PWO)
Duggleby P
Dunn Arthur
Ekins Joseph W
Fitches Frederick 
Funnel L
Good Walter 
Goulden Thomas B
Gregory Joseph W
Hall Stanley 
Herbert George 
Herbert Harold 
Hesletine Mathew T
Hewitt Thomas 
Hitchman John 
Hodkinson John Wilfred
Hounsell Frank 
Lafferty JE
Leavesley Sydney 
Lingard George 
Lobb Ernest S
Long Stanley 
Mason George 
Maxfield William 
Maycock FT
Mollineux JE
Neal JH
Page RC
Pearson Arnold 
Pearson Edward 
Pickles John A
Plews T
Plummer Stanley 
Rixon JH
Rogers W
Roy WG
Rudall WJ
Shemeld Ernest 
Shires Tom 
Smallwood John 
Smith Norman 
Storr George 
Stringer Edwin 
Thomas JH
Tomlinson Wilfred 
Wainwright Wilfred 
Winn Stanley 






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