Darnall Liberal Club

In Memory of




Darnal Liberal Club Roll of Honour, this Roll was probably lost when the club was destroyed by fire in 2010




Ball FR
Ball JW
Banks A
Bashforth A
Bashforth CH
Baugh V
Bayley JH
Bower H
Brown L
Bullock W
Candlin JA
Chamberlain J
Clements GH
Dobson G
Drabble B?
Dwyer H
Goode F
Gregory A
Hedge H
Hinchliffe A
Howard AE
Hughes CW
Kemble H
Palmer W
Platts E
Plumb JT
Shepherd H
Shortland F
Siddall S
Smith E
Tomlinson H
Wall J?S?
Webster J
Wiltshire F
Wrigglesworth ??






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