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Memorial East Window

From Canon Odoms Memorials of Sheffield –

The handsome east window of five lights forms the War Memorial, representing the Resurrection and the Ascansion, a crown symbolizing the Kingship of Christ. It was erected, at a cost of £725, to the memory of those who fell in the Great War.

This window was removed for safe keeping during the Second World War.

Hugh Kelsey memorial window 


Battlefield Cross

From Canon Odoms memorials of Sheffield –
In the south aisle is a stained window to the memory of
“Hugh Kelsey, for nine years a choirboy in this Church,
killed in France, May 3, 1917.” It pictures life in the Home,
in the Church, and the reward of faithful service.

Souvenir of the Somme Battlefield July1st 1916. This Cross is the gift of Lt. QR. Mr. S.W. Maunder, 12th York & Lancs Regiment, Sheffield Battalion.

Processional Cross made from parts collected from the Somme Battlefield after the battle. The base is made of the cap and fuse of a 5.9 German shell and a small bomb. The front has portions of a 7.5 French shell case fixed with rivets made from French rifle bullets. The back has the damaged fore end of a British rifle embedded with pieces of shrapnel casings and a rifle bullet.

Memorial plaque to W.T. Waddington, 12th York & Lancs




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