St Mary's Bramall Lane



From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield;-

‘In the ante-Church are : (1) A handsome oak frame with three panels containing 1,700 names of parishioners and members of the congregation who served in the Great War, of whom 280 laid down their lives.’

From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield;-

‘Near to this are two marble tablets, one in memory of ‘Lieut. William John Scott Rundle, D.S.O., 6th Dragoon Guards, died, aged 25 , July 30, 1901, from wounds received in action whilst serving in South Africa’; the other to ‘Lieut. Beaumont Rundle, Australian R.F.A. ,died April 15, 1917, from wounds received in action whilst serving in France.’
Both were sons of George E. Rundle, of New South Wales. These were erected by their aunt, A.M. Rundle, Kenwood, Sheffield.

Brass Plaque Commenorating the 7th West Riding Battery


St Marys, Bramall Lane.

Extracts From Canon Odom’s Memorials of Sheffield;-

‘Opposite is a brass with the inscription : ‘In sacred and ever-loving memory of Laurence Whiteley M.A. Lieut. 5th Black Watch Royal Highlanders, killed at the 3rd Battle of Ypres, in his 33rd year, July 31st, 1917 – ‘Ebrolled in heaven.’ Hebrews X11,23.’
No image of this as yet.

‘Framed roll of honour with names of 137 members of S. Mary’s Bible Class, of whom 15 gave their lives.’
No image of this either, where is it now ?

‘In 1918 it was resolved to acquire a large house in Countess Road, with very convenient grounds close to the Church, at a cost of £750, the house to be adapted as a War Memorial Institute, with bowling green, &c., and later on a Memorial Hall to be erected. The first part of the scheme has been carried out at a cost of £1,800, towards which contributions in money, £1,730, and gifts of furniture £200 in value, were received. It is proposed to erect a Memorial Hall on the ground.’
Was the Memorial Hall built ?

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