Upper Wincobank Chapel

In Memory of








Bowser Harry
Brockley Arthur
Brown Richard
Button H
Button Wm
Clark Arnold
Clark EO
Clark Robert
Claxton Percy
Claxton Wm
Clewley Ernest
Coulston Harry
Crowther Chas Wm
Dobson Walter
Edge Joseph
Edge Percy
Ellis Harry
Firth Charlie 
Goddard E
Graves Cornelius B
Graves Harry J
Hall Joseph B
Hall Lawrence H
Hardy Ernest 
Hides Garford 
Hinde Cecil 
Hinkins Albert 
Hinkins Jos Hy
Hollingsworth EM
Kirk Maurice 
Kirk William 
Micklethwaite W
Muscroft Cecil 
Muscroft Harold 
Nixon John 
Parker Jno 
Quantrill C
Redman A
Rhodes H
Stapleton H
Sumner Wm 
Sylvester A
Sylvester Louis 
Walkington RW
Westwood E
Wilkinson Arthur 
Wilkinson Jos 
Worley Bert 
Worley Wilfred 
Wright Eddie 
Wright Lawrence 
Wright Thos A






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